Local SEO Checklist

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The Local SEO subset of SEO has been around a long time. It continues to grow in prominence. The importance of following a local seo checklist while setting up on-page and off-page seo stems from search engine algorithm changes. So what is an algorithm? (pronounced AL-go-rith-um) it’s a a procedure or formula for solving a […]

Why Local Businesses Are Not Found On Google

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Small business owner’s are sometimes reluctant to admit failing online. The local SEO aspect of showing up in local search is almost non-existent. They will say, “I show up pretty well in local search” but yet they don’t get hardly any leads from the business website. Few prospects report finding you online and many can’t […]

Local SEO for Aviation Service Providers

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Each time I delve into the subject matter of local seo and do more analysis, the same scenario exists. This article is written specifically for aviation service providers, but could apply to any niche across the globe. Every business niche is having the same problem understanding the importance of getting this done once in for […]