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Whenever I see article’s titled similar to this, I assume the content is going to point out the most targeted social media sites my niche business needs.

I can predict with accuracy what the contents are going be. I think it’s because some Blogger’s, SEO’s, Digital Marketers, and Social Media Consultant’s are not focused on the most basic premise of “why” we waste our time online.

…………………in the first place……………

Why Is Your Business Online In The First Place?

The sole purpose of a business owner’s online existence is to establish a business, brand, product, and service so they become the most evident. Your business must stand out better than your competitors with regards to keywords used by your prospects. You established yourself online so your prospects can find you. The act of someone conducting a long-tail keyword search for your products or services will include links to social media sites. This is organic and results in free traffic to your website or social media site to learn more about you. In others words, your presence online must be EVERYWHERE. Why would you limit social sites to Facebook and Twitter? Is that because you can only effectively manage two platforms? That is typically what I find from small to mid-size business, they just don’t have the time, staff, or possibly the expertise to manage six or seven platforms. I would strongly suggest if this describes your business, you hire some help. Investing in social media now will pay off exponentially in the future. Don’t wait until your competitors get a head start only to find yourself so far behind. Your market share may dwindle to a minuscule amount.

Best Social Media For Aviation Service Providers
Pilatus PT-6, Best Social Media For Aviation Service Providers

For anyone offering Turbine Engine Overhaul, Airframe maintenance, Jet Charter Services, Aircraft Sales and Service, and Aircraft Management Services, it’s important to have a presence on lots of social media platforms. Sure, there may be a few platforms that just don’t make sense, but your prospects will look for you there anyway. If your not represented, maybe your competitor is. I want to encourage you as a business owner and someone responsible for the well-being of your company to start using far more social sites. Google monitors social signals in it’s search algorithm helping to boost your websites ranking over others who are not using social media.

Get Your Mobile House In Order – Buyers Will Not Forgive You


Twitter and Instagram are ideal platforms for timely events empty-legs. Jet Charter companies post photos of sexy private jets, take short 15-sec video clips of cabin interiors, pilot’s interacting with clients, short testimonial clips, etc. This is great branding and assure your name is top of mind when the prospect actually needs your product or service. Prospects will remember! Someone shopping for a PT-6 overhaul facility may use his or her mobile device to do a quick search. Is your company there? Take a look now. I am starting to get concerned when looking at my clients site statistics to see that 35% of total visits are now mobile. Some of my clients have moved towards dedicated Mobile Websites making sure the visitor is not let down. If you are not yet offering a mobile friendly experience for your visitors, you might as well get used to the fact your missing 30% of your potential buyers. People who have a bad experience reviewing your services via mobile device will be the first to click away a go somewhere else.

Instagram users are 100% mobile, you can access Instagram from a desktop if you want to, but it’s designed for the mobile audience. Jet Charter operator’s who maintain a presence on Instagram are smart. I don’t see the biggest and oldest player’s in Fractional Aircraft Ownership on Instagram. Do not see NetJets or FlexJet LLC. Looks like they stop at Facebook and Twitter plus a profile on LinkedIn.

This infographic was created by Derek Devries of Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find the original content by clicking on Derek’ name in bold.

Best Social Media for Aviation Service Providers
Social Media Usage Statistics


According to Derek, the Unknown’s are because this platforms do not share (how ironic for social) the actual number of users. Tumblr is really slick and easy to use blogging platform, WordPress is the most widely used CMS, content management system, and so on. Most people of have heard of these all sites.

So remember, just because “you feel” Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. are not a good fits for your organization, does not mean your making the right decision for your business. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+, and YouTube combined! That’s a pretty powerful motivator in itself. Your website analytics should ultimately reflect a 10%-15% referral rate from social media sites. This is all combined. When you drill down, you will notice that Pinterest often holds position #1. Work to get your social media referral numbers higher and you’ll benefit from the long-term branding effects and interactions your having with real prospects, not normally people who are buying today.

I will address social media LEAD generation in another article, it remains a moving target.  There are lots of examples of social media lead generation, just not in the way we are most used to. It’s via referrals, a positive review, a friend who was pleased with your service, etc. I know business owners want more leads from social, but in reality, it’s about being there to share and respond to your existing clients, future clients, and curious prospects. You invest in social too be where your prospects are spending the most time. Inbound marketing is your future. Advertising in a way that does not disrupt buyers to earn more favorable results.

Every industry has it’s specific niche social media sites that will reap the best ROI, but the big (4) remain constant across all industries:

Best Social Media For Aviation Industry

  • Facebook (heavily used across broad cross section of demographics)
  • Twitter (skewed towards a younger audience, but thousands of public figures, sports stars, etc.)
  • Google+ (well, it’g Google, what can you say. It is imperative to be be for Local SEO alone)
  • YouTube (awesome organic SEO, owned by Google, get started as soon as possible)

Optional based on you business objectives

  • Pinterest (elegant and visual platform skewed towards a females, Jet Charter – Yes)
  • Instagram (a photo sharing platform owned by Facebook, good for Jet Charter – Yes)
  • Tumblr (microblogging platform owned by Yahoo, easy to use, Jet Charter – Yes)
  • Snapchat (snubbed Facebook, turned down $3 billion dollar offer! – Maybe, depends)

Curious to find out just exactly what SnapChat is? What this video and you’ll be a SnapChat wizard. Will it help you in your business? Well, probably not going to find a bunch of #teens who need turbine engines overhauled or with enough bucks to buy private jet charter services, but you’ll be branding your business for the world’s future entrepreneurs, CEO’s and software moguls who consume what you sell.

I hope you learned what the best social media sites for aviation service providers should be. As you already know, the total amount of social media available to consumers is overwhelming. The evolution and existence of the “real-time” platforms like Snapchat have mass appeal to young demographics. The future of social media sharing is dynamic and will change like our weather patterns. Knowing what social media platforms will still be here in 10-years is anyone’s guess. For now, it’s safe to say, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and a few others will be around for the long haul. Good luck with all your social sharing online. I hope your company becomes the most evident in your respective niche.