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Car Dealers Drive Cheap Targeted Website Traffic

Yes, that is correct. The brightest ISM’s and social media daredevil car dealers have discovered a little know traffic tactic that nets FREE traffic to their VDP, vehicle display pages. Car Dealers spend plenty of money trying get buyers to click into this coveted web page.

The VDP is the “one” place we wish all buyers would visit immediately. We strive to get them off the high-priced classified sites while the classified sites fight to keep buyers on their sites. It’s a vicious battle and it’s easily won when you know where this little gem is located.

Car Dealers Drive Cheap Targeted Website Traffic

The social media site I am referring too is beginning to mature and is statistically now responsible for a significant percentage of all referral traffic. This social media platform will drive more people to your website than YouTube, Google+, and Twitter all combined.

I said FREE only because the VDP visits require no cash outlay from your advertising budget. (unless you hire someone to do the “pinning” for you)  We all know nothing is totally FREE in this world. It requires someone’s effort. Someone who wants to become a better digital marketer.

This person needs to learn and adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape of Pinterest.

There are alot of new features now that were not available last year. You’ll find recent updates to Pinterest here. 

Car Dealers Drive Cheap Targeted Website Traffic
Car Dealers Drive Cheap Targeted Website Traffic

If your determined to pay for VDP clicks, there are services that list your entire inventory automatically (via nightly exports) to dozens of obscure classified sites across the internet (supposedly where lot’s of people are shopping) The technology is designed to get the “shopper” off the classified site and over to a car dealers vehicle display page.

Typical VDP deliveries like these will run @3.99 per visit. These visits come from what industry experts have coined “down-funnel” buyers (I guess that means they almost ready to submit a lead, but not really ready to buy a car. The analytic’s supplied by to today’s digital media vendor’s car capable of putting a car dealer to sleep. The data provided is sometimes cumbersome to present and even more difficult to visualize how it relates to ROI. (clicks to your VIN#, clicks to get your phone number, clicks for your store map, page views, and impressions)

I did not spend any time discussing why Pinterest is a good choice for car dealers. I will touch a couple of the most important aspects:

  • Pinterest is a visual site, cars can look nice, if you sell visually appealing cars, get on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest launched analytics for business accounts which has great features. (all FREE for now)
  • 90+% of Pinterest activity is from females. Car Dealer’s know important of female in “buy” decision.

There are lots of articles referring to this subject matter falling on deaf ears. When I do a search for “used car dealers Portland” using the Pinterest website search bar, I got just a few dealers. Here is one that shows up because of how their profile and business citation was created. This is powerful to have going in your favor if your going to “pin” USED cars onto Pinterest. This dealer is a USED car store who has pins pointing to Home Page. This is alright, but why not send the traffic directly to VDP for cheap targeted website traffic!

Pinterest is great for local SEO. Get on Pinterest
Pinterest is great for local SEO. Get on Pinterest

For years, car dealers said let’s do Facebook and Twitter and that’s it. Those days are long gone and it’s time to review your social media strategy. I personally don’t believe you need 9 or 10 social media sites, but 5 or 6 looks to be the NEW norm. This will allow car dealers to benefit from the local business citations helping you climb the search engines for local terms. The good news is, at this point most or your competitors are not yet using some of these Local SEO methods.


Car Dealers Drive Cheap Targeted Website Traffic
Cheap Traffic for Car Dealer Websites


These social media sites are changing weekly. It’s my job to stay on top of everything going on and keep my readers informed. If you have questions regarding initial setup, usage, or Pinterest profile design, please contact me.