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Operating a small business is hard work. We all know that. Digital Marketing McMinnville Oregon is local in nature. We focus on local business owner’s who typically don’t travel out of Yamhill County. You work local and strive to be competitive.

When was the last time you worked on your marketing strategy?  For some, the answer is a long time ago. We exist because most small business owner’s don’t have the time, desire, and expertise to generate a consistent flow of leads. When your phone stops ringing and referrals begin to dry up, your facing some tough decisions.

Digital Marketing in McMinnville Oregon is a lot less complicated than trying to get business from the Portland Oregon area. If you operate a local business with physical locations, you can be found in local search (McMinnville) much simpler. If you run a web-based eCommerce business trying to attract buyers globally, that’s a challenge, but requires a totally different approach to digital marketing.  

A local business looking for local prospects, leads, calls, walk-in traffic, is a straight-forward proposition with a proven blueprint of search engine optimization strategies that will meet your business objectives. 

The photo below is an example of a Google My Business Page. This is the first aspect of local search engine optimization that must be addressed. If your curious how to take advantage of this FREE Lead Generator, reach out to me on Facebook, Click on Messenger

Digital Marketing McMinnville Oregon
Digital Marketing McMinnville Oregon













When small business owner’s call me, they want to know (2) things. More leads and sales!

Most marketers realize this, but amazingly, some don’t. They will waste your time trying to amaze you how skilled they are at branding, website builds, social media marketing, reputation management, and so on.

Business owner’s don’t care how it’s done, just show them results.

Digital Marketing in McMinnville, Oregon is about finding local clients, I believe a solid online foundation makes the biggest difference in long term results. Sure, I’ve seen businesses who live off all repeat and referral for years, without any online presence at all. They are doing just fine and feel like marketing is a waste of money. You know what? If they are happy, then so be it. This scenario is not that uncommon for service based business owner’s with low competition.

If your the best kitchen remodeler in your area and been in business the past 20-years, you probably don’t need any marketing help. If however, your a great kitchen remodeler but just starting out or have tons of competition (like McMinnville, Oregon) you need to make sure that your online presence is setup correctly and consider investing in an ongoing advertising strategy.

A properly optimized Local SEO (search engine optimization) setup will help you tremendously. You will begin to show up locally when someone searches on a smartphone for, “best kitchen remodeler mcminnville” How would it feel to have your phone ringing from local searches and stop giving those leads to your local competitor’s. When you get all the leads you can handle, it may be time to hire more carpenter’s or simply decide to use subcontractor’s, stay fairly small and operate a 1-person sole proprietorship. That is perfectly ok too.

The contractor’s that Digital Marketer’s work with are wanting to grow and expand business. These business owner’s are anxious to spend $2500 per month for someone to manage Facebook Ad campaigns. Why? Because it makes the phone ring and generates leads. Even if they close just (1) full Kitchen Remodel at $25000, it makes for a very attractive ROI and wise advertising investment.

I often hear from business owner’s who say marketing is a waste of money and don’t really want to discuss it. The truth is, historically it’s been said, “50% of advertising is wasted, the problem is figuring out what half it is” Marketers today who focus on digital (no TV, Print, Radio, Billboards, etc) are seeing those numbers drop dramatically with technology and the ability to track every $1 spent. This is what you should be doing in 2019 and beyond.

I still get EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) pieces from contractor’s who do not value or embrace the new age of digital advertising and targeting. There is nothing wrong with EDDM if you believe everyone at every address is “in market” for a kitchen make over. It’s simply not true and you cannot measure your ROI with EDDM.

The Facebook Ad platform is a complex system and requires some experience and skill to make it spit out leads. Most people with some basic tech savvy can setup a basic campaign on their own. The problem lies in not knowing how to select the correct targeting and wasting your advertising dollars on clicks that don’t generate any sales. Get help with Facebook Ads now FB Messenger

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