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Grow Your Small Business Online

I am glad that summer is coming to a close, school has started, and football season is here! As you finish Q32014, and move into Q42014, what are you going to do to grow your small business online?

You may be confused with all the online marketing noise and have no idea where to start.

You may of had good success thus far in 2014, but not quite sure how to finish strong.

Sometimes all you need is a little boost, you know, a little push from something we hear or see, maybe a friend or business associate.

My 7th grade daughter shared this video with me the other night and she said, “We watch these at school everyday and I like them”.

Sit back, allow yourself 6-minutes to finish this video. Then grab a piece of paper and write down (4) things to improve your online visibility in the last four months of 2014. Proper implementation will ensure your business has the best chance to propel itself into a record setting 2015.