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Jet Charter Creates Business Success

When Your business is running on all cylinders and your making lots of money like intended, this is how you take a business trip. The speed and efficiency of private jet charter services is unmatched.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to arrive at a small airport terminal, park your car steps away from the front door, no security checkpoints, no lines, no waits for anything? This is the world of Private Jet Charter. These planes are available to you, your family, your friends, and maybe even your pets.

Jet charter creates business success by getting you to and from your deal making destination quicker than the whomever your competing with. In today’s instant technology and connected world, it may not seem imperative to some, but being where your next opportunity is “first” and meeting face-to-face can make the difference on who “gets the deal” We all know that’s the name of the game in most area of business. Sure, you can choose to sit on your PC and get it done via Skype, Go-To-Meeting, etc. while your competitor books a jet charter and personally builds rapport with the seller or buyer whatever the case may be. The utilization of Jet Charter services is how smart business professionals win deals.

There are a variety of ways jet charter is secured. It used to be, you went to the Yellow Pages and looked for an Ad. Those days are long gone and it’s all about who’s most evident with a mobile search. I’m sure there are administrative personnel sitting at desktops looking for deals for the President or CEO of large corporations, but I am talking about the entrepreneur without any administrative staff. The corporate flyers go frequently and most likely have established relationships with what is known as Charter Brokers. These individuals are professionals at customer service and know who operates the aircraft and what type of mission profiles the clients have. They become intimate business partners with their clients and are extensions of corporate travel departments. On the other end of the spectrum you have a search issue and this is where Local SEO can help. What are the chances your jet charter company is on top of the search results on a mobile device. Grab your phone and try it right now. If your not easily found on a mobile device, your probably missing some deals. If your present website is not mobile friendly, then your prospect will hate you and click away. I have seen some nicely done dedicate mobile site (more of an app) for booking charter flights. This can be a very effective tool for a reasonable investment.

In Case You Follow This Blog and wondered: How Did You Become Interested in Aviation — It seems this Blog was about the Car Dealers and the Automotive Industry. 

I graduated from Minnesota State University at Mankato. I have a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Aviation Management. I later transferred to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona where I learned to fly. I trained in Grumman Tigers, what I nice airplane to fly. I have been passionate about everything that flies for a very long time. I am soliciting aviation clients to fill a few slots available for digital marketing and social media consulting.

Many years ago I piloted myself throughout an 8-state territory for Cessna Finance Corporation. My job as a Regional Representative was to secure wholesale and retail aircraft loans. I called on Aircraft Dealers who buy and sell everything from piston singles to business jets. I was just out college and trained to fly a company aircraft for Cessna Finance Corporation. I would sometimes stay out for three weeks straight, not returning to my home base of Wichita, Kansas. I was single of course and liked to visit friends on weekends.


Aircraft Dealer’s were somewhat like car dealers. They were concerned about inventory, where the next deal was coming from, how to pay for available inventory, and constantly on the lookout for wholesale deals that looked profitable. I eventually left Cessna Finance Corporation and got into Aircraft Sales and Financing. While living in Colorado I became familiar with many Jet Charter operators and developed a fascination with the Jet Charter Industry. For this reason, I have decided to offer digital marketing services for this business vertical. I will assist jet charter operators and aviation service providers to grow a solid foundation and win at Local SEO. The battle that exist between local competitors is fierce. Business jets sure look pretty on the ramp, but that means they are not making you any money. I help keep them in the air, burning jet fuel, and making money for the owners.

When you ready to try Jet Charter, don’t hesitate. Don’t wait for that important business trip, it’s also an incredible way to travel with your family and friends. I can see where having access to private jets and the means to travel this way, would spoil me forever. Who would return to airline travel if this method was within their budget. More and more private jet flyers are finding out it’s really not just for the rich and famous, it’s becoming far more mainstream. Call a Charter Broker or your local Jet Charter operator and get a quote. Quotes are FREE…..