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Local SEO for Aviation Service Providers

Each time I delve into the subject matter of local seo and do more analysis, the same scenario exists. This article is written specifically for aviation service providers, but could apply to any niche across the globe. Every business niche is having the same problem understanding the importance of getting this done once in for all and then making the commitment to monitor and be flexible.

Some aviation professionals may ask, “Why does local seo for aviation service providers even matter?”

Because it can reduce lost leads and revenue from national advertisers who buy market share in cities across the USA. This can typically be resolved by making sure your aviation service business has built a consistent amount of business citations across all applicable local listing platforms. Notice I said that it was important to be added your listing to applicable, not just anyplace. Local business listings in obscure directories can have little to no effect whatsoever in your ability to listed locally in search.  Business that don’t implement local seo and choose to spend their way to the top, will show up page #1 Google with the other paid advertisers.

All of those who did exceptional work with local seo will appear organically for free in the section just below paid listings. It depends on the niche you and in as too how many listings Google allows per page. Most search keyword phrases will show (3) paid ads on the top and (10) organic listings on the bottom. So, Google is allowing for (13) total positions on page #1.

When Business (A) outspends Business (B)

What happens when business (A) outspends business (B) for the same keywords in any given market, is that business (A) is going to be presented more than business (B).  We know this is true and still choose to disregard the importance to Local SEO. If you choose to ignore the potential benefits that come with improving natural search, that means you have determined that allocating 100% of your budget to paid search is the best you can do. To me, as an advertiser holding the purse strings, that is the easy way out. The best thing you can do for yourself and your company is start over, reach deep into your marketing history, and rebuild your local seo strategy from the ground up. Take the time to build a foundation that will eventually outperform the paid search campaigns you have run for years.

What consistently works for local seo is always video. Don’t ever underestimate the power of video. If you are not yet using video with your local seo strategies, you should start right away. You may already know that Google owns YouTube. YouTube is the #2 most popular search engine behind Google.

I made this short video and got it ranked page #1 Google in less than 8-hours. There is no waiting weeks or months to get on page #1 if you use video and correctly set it up. The keyword phrase I targeted was, “local seo for aviation service providers” Don’t wait until you have all the right tools, lighting, script, etc. just grab your cell phone for now, make a very short (1:30) video and upload it to a YouTube Channel.

If you need help setting it up, call or email me for suggestions.


What I want you to understand is that even though the big money advertisers are spending thousands per month to show up page #1 Google, you can make simple YouTube videos and have the possibility to show up on page #1 Google for FREE. You must of course use correct titles, descriptions, and tags, and Google will reward you with a quick page #1 listing. Remember that when writing descriptions in your video’s, you are welcome to add your website URL’s. Make sure you use full http://www.yourwebsite.com format so that the link is clickable.

Here is a screenshot I took just 8-hours after uploading the video and then doing a Google search for the phrase, “local seo for aviation service providers” As you can see, it is not only page #1, but position #1 for organic listings. This demonstrates the incredible power of VSEO! (video search engine optimization)

Local SEO for Aviation Service Providers
Local SEO for Aviation Service Providers

Good luck setting up your YouTube Channel, adding video, and being well on you way to higher positions in search. Local searches, conducted by prospects in “your” market, should include your business. If it’s not there now, you have work to do. If it shows up already, then congratulations. There is no need to be intimidated by large national advertisers who possess big advertising budgets. They will always be that the very top in “paid” ADs. Don’t worry, the clicks will come from the organic listings too. You must strive for page #1 or it won’t matter. A solid Local SEO strategy coupled with continued video content will make you competitive.