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Low Cost Jet Charter Leads

Why should Jet Charter operators rely so heavily on Brokers and Lead Gen Websites for leads?

Is it because that’s how business has always been done? Or, is it because its the simplest way to get a steady stream of prospects and leads?

I am not sure, but as a digital marketer and local SEO enthusiasts, it’s seems more effort from Jet Charter providers could potentially net “in-house” organic leads at a much lower cost. The leads would come directly from the person or entity entering the actual search allowing the Jet Charter operator the luxury of building its own list and database of potential flyers. As a going concern, business selling Jet Charter services, you need to be built your own database. Start working with your “own” contacts via phone, text, or email.

Here are just a few strategies to generate low-cost jet charter leads. Implementing just a few could make a big difference.

Ideas To Produce Low Cost Jet Charter Leads

  • Setup dedicated LEAD capture pages by using keyword research from local markets.
  • Create a targeted list of prospects and market services directly to them via paid search.
  • Make sure prospects are taken to a LEAD Capture Pages rather than providers website.
  • Harvest LEAD (email address, phone numbers) by giving something of value ($50 Gift Card)
  • Implement a solid Local SEO campaign into your marketing strategy to show up in search.

When searching for Jet Charter Services in Portland, Oregon there is one main advertiser at the date of this article. That company is in New York City. Maybe they have aircraft based in Portland, Oregon, but it appears more like an all out national advertising campaign to secure leads on a national basis.

Paid Search (PPC) Rewards Those Who Spend The Most

Aggressive advertising on this scale will certainly generate a larger volume of leads. I checked just recently and found just 2,000 total monthly search volume for “jet charter” in the entire United States.

Low Cost Jet Charter Leads
Bombardier Challenger 350

I was curious to find out what would come up on Google for jet charter in my local market, Portland, Oregon. Here is a screenshot of my local jet charter search in Portland, Oregon. I typed in the following keywords, “jet charter portland, oregon”

Notice that zero paid advertisements showed up like before. I mentioned up above that a New York Jet Charter Operator was showing up in Portland, Oregon. Google is choosing to show paid advertising only to NEW searchers? The first time I tried this same long-tailed search a paid advertisement showed up. It was a Jet Charter provider out of New York City. I do see a few paid advertisements now on the right-hand side, but nothing directly on top of the organic and natural listings (where you want to be)

Low Cost Jet Charter Leads
Low Cost Jet Charter Leads provided by Evident Presence

When prospects search in their respective local markets across America, what they normally will see for clickable options are likely advertisements from National Jet Charter providers. These providers are always going to be at the very top and that’s ok. They invest into large-scale and very expensive national PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One aspect of local SEO that ceases amazes me, is the outright lack of Google+ Business Pages with corresponding Google My Business listings. If you own and run a local business and don’t have this completed, please call your favorite digital marketing agency and get this done. I did not say call your website provider or your IT services provider, but rather someone who knows about local SEO. The fact that your business does not exist on these platforms is hurting your chances of getting found locally.

You can’t afford to “not be evident” online. Get setup with all the proper local SEO strategies and then monitor your citations for accuracy in the future. Not have this foundation built is hurting your chances of generating low-cost jet charter leads.

We know as digital marketers, that a bulk of your clicks and leads will come from the very top of organic listings. In other words, the top 3 or 4 spots. If your fortunate enough to be Page #1 Google for local search results, congratulations, you’re doing something correctly. With proper keyword selection, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and setting it all up to work together, you should start to lower your overall cost of jet charter leads.