Auto Dealer Websites Frustrate Car Buyers

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Since 2008 I have reviewed and audited over 21,000 car dealer websites. Auto Dealer Websites Frustrate Car Buyers.  Does this make me an expert? No, not really, but I have a good idea of what changes could be implemented to improve conversions and clicks so franchised car dealers will enjoy more traffic, lower bounce rates, get clicks, […]

When Should Car Dealers Fire The Internet Manager

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This may upset some Internet Managers, but those who get it, and are doing a great job, will be delighted it was written. My goal is to inform automotive management teams so they will not make a knee-jerk decision to fire the internet manager. This happens all the time in-car dealerships and it’s not going […]

7 Online Marketing Ideas Car Dealers Won’t Try

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Car Dealer’s frequently ask where I came from, and what do I know of their business. I thought it was about time to document my history in the form of a blog post. I know most vendors calling on this vertical have never actually worked at a dealership and no very little of the dynamics […]